Insider Secret Way to Get United Gold Status For Life (sort of)

Are you looking to get United Premier Gold Status but don’t want to make all the flights?  Look at the perks — Getting to elite status with an airline is your ticket to more comfortable travel: priority check-in, waived baggage fees, airline lounge access, and more. For the 27 airlines that are part of Star Alliance, you could achieve gold status with far fewer miles you might normally need to accumulate. Here’s how:aegean airlines

The secret is to use Aegean Airlines as your miles-earning program. Instead of putting all your effort into earning the typical 50,000 miles you’d need on the other airlines in Star Alliance to reach gold status, you can get gold status on Aegean with just 20,000 miles—and this gives you all the benefits of gold on every other airline in the Star Alliance, including United, Continental, and US Airways.   Technically, though, the requirement is 16,000 elite qualifying miles after the first 4,000 — which earn you Blue status (Star Silver). And their qualification period is a moving 12-month period rather than a calendar year.  To do this, when you fly on any Star Alliance airline, use your Aegean Airlines frequent flyer number when you buy your tickets.  Normally other airlines require you to earn those miles in one year, while Aegean gives you two years to earn these miles.  Also other airlines only give you status for a year, so you have to keep flying to maintain your status.  The best part about this program is that you get Gold Status for life! Well nothing is forever, but the rules state that as long as you credit one flight every 36 months you will retain this status.  Note that this is the current policy and that Aegean has the right to change it at any time, but for now it looks like it’s good for life.

Here’s an added bonus — you can keep that Gold status without actually flying 20,000 or 16,000 or whatever miles every 12 months in the future. Instead, you just need to have some activity credited once every three years!

Aegean Blue/Star Alliance Silver Status

Aegean’s program is called Miles&Bonus. In the Miles&Bonus program the first tier is Blue status requiring only a measly 4,000 miles flown in 12 months, this status is equal to Star Alliance Silver. All you have to do is fly on a Star Alliance Partner like US Airways or United and credit Aegean for the flight miles. What does silver status get you? Nothing worth getting excited about, just priority standby and priority reservations wait listing.

Aegean Gold/Star Alliance Gold Status

Now what we are really looking for is to get Gold status, which is also Gold status on Star Alliance. After reaching Blue status, you have 1 year to earn 16,000 flight miles to achieve Gold status. The benefits of Star Alliance Gold is so much more than its Silver level. You get priority check-in, lounge access, priority boarding, extra baggage allowance, priority baggage handling, priority reservations wait listing, and priority standby.

ONE EXAMPLE — We saw a HNL-EWR-AUA one way for around USD1100 on United in first/business. The HNL-EWR (flat seat on a 767-400) would accrue about 14,000 miles (first thus 200% x 6920) and the EWR-AUA leg another 3900 or so (business thus 200% of 1958).  That would get almost all of the 20,000 miles to qualify for Gold for about USD1100.

SECOND EXAMPLE — Another way — let’s say you fly between New York and San Francisco on United nonstop (roughly 5,000 miles round-trip) and provide your Aegean frequent flyer number at check in. After four roundtrips, you will have earned Star Alliance Gold status. Even after just one roundtrip, you will have earned Star Alliance Silver status, which on Aegean requires only 4,000 miles. That entitles you to free checked bags, which can save hundreds of dollars over a period of time.



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    If you receive Gold Status for Aegean Airlines, Does that mean you automatically receive Gold Status for the rest of other 26 airlines in Star Alliances ?

  2. Do these have to be paid flights or can they be award tickets?