Free Hotel Night in Paris – June 2, 3, or 4

Free night in Paris at the CDG Airport – Enjoy a FREE room decked out with an extra-large king-sized bed, power eiffel-tower-in-blue-1010223rain shower, wall to wall windows, free movies, and a 24/7 watering hole downstairs. Escape the city chaos, or come have your first layover incroyable! with us at Charles De Gaulle. There’s a first time for everything. We want you to be the first.     Now don’t fret, we’re not going to poke or prod or shove you in a beaker for testing. We actually want to offer you a free night stay at citizenM Paris before we officially open our doors and pour that first glass of wine. That means you’re first in line—for the first taste, first sip, first night’s slumber on deliciously soft Italian linens that beg you to stay forever … except you can’t. This is just one savory night.

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