Dublin’s Airport Lounges

Dublin’s Airport Lounges

I am getting ready to start my journey to 1K status on United Airlines, having spent the last 20 years or so as an American Airline devotee, racking up 2 million miles. My first mileage run is the weekend of Feb 8th adn I’ll be staying one night in Dublin, Ireland. Unfortunately for me as I start this journey, there are no Star Alliance lounges in Dublin, but there is access to lounges for $25 Euros.dublin airport1

There are 4 airport lounges, two of them operated by the airport itself — for about $32 (guests 60 years or older pay $24), you may settle in for food, drink and free Wi-Fi. There’s one in Terminal 1, another in Terminal 2. Aer Lingus and Etihad operate lounges in Terminal 2.
Dublin Airport has 2 terminals. Terminal 1, built in 1972, is served mostly by short-haul flights, including most of Ryanair’s flights. It’s connected to the dramatically modern Terminal 2.

Opened in late 2010, Terminal 2 handles mostly long-haul flights, though Aer Lingus does call Terminal 2 home for its most popular route, Dublin-London. Terminal 2 is all glass and sleek metal, with a 3-story, central concourse that boasts a transparent, sea-blue glass elevator shaft running up the middle of the open area. Terminal 2’s dining and bar areas are arrayed around that elevator in what’s called The Loop, which features an Irish bar (naturally) and food areas serving pastries, Thai and Vietnamese dishes, and a burger place featuring beef, chicken and lamb burgers.     Aer Lingus has just moved all of their flights into Terminal 2, and alongside them are long-haul operators to North America, including American, Continental and US Airways. There are also flights to Abu Dhabi on Etihad from Terminal 2. So, basically, if you are flying to/from the States or on any Aer Lingus flight (except regional ones on Aer Arann, etc.), you’re going to find yourself in Terminal 2. Folks flying to and from the US will also go through the USA emigration pre-clearance checkpoint, where you will clear US Customs & Border Patrol on the ground in Dublin.   The terminal is located just beyond Terminal 1 and is connected to the loop road through the airport, so if you are picking up or dropping off someone, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding it. Besides, it’s that big, blue, glass thing that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie down the end of the airport!

Terminal 1 also offers a food hall with the usual selections of sandwiches and drinks. The nicest place to dine is the Garden Terrace, which is a roof garden bar and restaurant with sweeping views of the airfield. It’s also the only place in the airport where smoking is allowed. Wi-Fi is free in both terminals.


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Finally, one of the best perks for US-bound passengers is the opportunity — and requirement — to clear US Customs before boarding at Dublin Airport, which means no paperwork and no waiting in custom’s lines upon landing at busier US airports.


The T2 Executive Lounge is located in Terminal 2 and is directly adjacent to the 400 gates. Access is via the lift or escalator which brings departing passengers to the 400 gates.

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