Cheap Flights to Dublin Ireland from LAX – Just $440 RT

Cheap Flights to Dublin Ireland from LAX – Just $440 RT

Right now, you can get some crazy cheap flights to Ireland from Los Angeles, as WOW comes into the market with really discounted flights and other carriers like British Air are coming close to a match.  Ireland is the Emerald Isle……. The magical timeless country of Ireland is constantly rated as one of the top ten holiday destinations in the world and after your first visit it is easy to see why.  The scenery itself is enough to draw you to Ireland on holiday; from the craggy wildness of the Beara Penisular, the spectacular vista of the Ring of Kerry and gentle lakes in County Roscommon, to pretty villages through County Waterford and the otherworldliness of Galway all combine to create a country as beautiful as anywhere in the world. It won’t just be the Irish views that entrance you though, for the magic of Ireland is intangible; it is the feel of the place that seeps into your bones and makes you want to visit on holiday again and again.  Much of this magic starts when you visit Dublin. The vibrant and exciting Irish capital is not large or particularly old but its spirit has created literary genius and artistic achievement that has enthused the world. Pop into any bar or pub in Dublin, Ireland and within minutes you will be chatting to strangers who feel like lifelong friends.


We looked for early November flights and found

  • LAX-DUB on WOW Air for $440 RT
  • LAX-DUB on Air Canada  – $514 RT
  • LAX-DUB on Lufthansa – $522 RT

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