Cheap Flights:  Denver to London – Just $573 Roundtrip in April and May

Cheap Flights: Denver to London – Just $573 Roundtrip in April and May

Do you fancy a trip to London this springtime?  Have you been watching Selfridges on Amazon Video and want to visit this great department store  in the heart of London on Oxford street?  Well now you can grab $573 fares in April and May to London, (some fares as low as $536 flying Icelandic air). You can get these low fares if you leave Denver International Airport (DEN) from April 9th but before May 11. You can also get $429 RT flights to Paris — see below.


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Here are the favorite of our London  things to do…

Free London Attractions

London has some of the best free museums. My favorite is the Imperial War Museum, which has a truly devastating Holocaust exhibition; the National History Museum is also great. Aside from that, one of the best things about London is that there’s always something going on, a festival, a celebration, a protest, the Olympics… what’s even better is that you won’t pay a penny for lots of them. Recently I’ve seen awesome street art at a festival in Greenwich and been to the annual Thames festival.


Buildings, Sights & Museums

There are so many sights to see in London.  My favorites include Greenwich, especially the view from the observatory on top of the hill shown below,  the tower of London, secret corners of Covent Garden like Neal’s Yard (below left) and the London Dungeons – touristy but brilliant!


The Parks

There are many great parks in London, the one we love the most though is the one closest to where we usually stay –Dulwich Park. It’s the best park for sunbathing, table tennis, running and dog-watching – oh, and it’s absolutely stunning.


The Markets

We used to stay in East London and the markets there were brilliant; cheap and full of proper east-enders heckling and trying to swindle you. My favorite is Borough Market though, which also happens to only be a 10 minute walk from work; yes, I really lucked out on office location.



I couldn’t finish this list without mentioning one of our favorite local pubs. We love it for the fact that it’s independent, the barman is crazy and it’s called The Hob (as in the Hunger Games, cool, huh?).

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