Airport Codes for Top 150 Airports in Europe

Airport Codes for Top 150 Airports in Europe —   We are always searching for airport codes for European airports as we seek new adventures…   To help you, we have listed the top 150 airports in Europe along with their three digit airport code.        But where do these airport codes come from?  From ABE (Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton, Pennsylvania) to ZRH (Zurich, Switzerland), airports around the world are universally known by a unique three-letter code: the “International Air Transport Association (IATA) Location Identifier” in aviation-speak. It’s obviously much easier for pilots, controllers, flight attendants, travel agents, frequent flyers, computers and baggage handlers to say and write ORD than the O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois—but how did this practice start, and why are some airport codes easy to understand (ABE and ZRH) while others seem to make absolutely no sense (ORD)?


Many station codes are simply the first three letters of the city name: ATL is Atlanta, BOS is Boston, MIA is Miami, SIN is Singapore, MAD is Madrid, and SYD is Sydney, Australia. The first letter(s) of multiple cities served forms other codes: DFW for Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, MSP for Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, and GSP for Greenville/Spartanburg, South Carolina. Sometimes the city name lends itself to one letter for each word, such as Salt Lake City (SLC), Port of Spain in Trinidad & Tobago (POS), or Port au Prince, Haiti (PAP). For others, knowing the city had a former name cracks the code. So we have LED in St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), SGN in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), PEK in Bejijng (Peking) and BOM in Mumbai (Bombay).  When you know what the code represents, some curious acronyms become obvious: MSY is the former Moisant Stock Yards in New Orleans, CMH is Columbus Municipal Hangar, BWI is Baltimore Washington International, LGW is London Gatwick, and LHR is London Heathrow!


Airport Codes for Top 150 Airports in Europe


ABZ:   Aberdeen, United Kingdom: Dyce
AER:   Adler/Sochi, Russia: Adler/Sochi Airport
ALC:   Alicante, Spain: La Rabasa
AMS:   Amsterdam, Netherlands: Schiphol
ACE:   Arrecife, Spain: Lanzarote
ATH:   Athens, Greece: Athinai
GYD:   Baku, Azerbaijan: Baku Heydar Aliyev International
BCN:   Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona Airport
BRI:   Bari, Italy: Bari/Palese Macchie
BSL:   Basle, Switzerland: Bale/Mulhouse
BHD:   Belfast, United Kingdom: Belfast City
BFS:   Belfast, United Kingdom: Belfast International (Aldergrove)
BEG:   Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro: Beograd
BGO:   Bergen, Norway: Flesland
SXF:   Berlin, Germany: Schoenefeld
TXL:   Berlin, Germany: Tegel
BIO:   Bilbao, Spain: Bilbao Airport
BLL:   Billund, Denmark: Billund Airport
BHX:   Birmingham, United Kingdom: Birmingham Airport
BOO:   Bodo, Norway: Bodo Airport
BLQ:   Bologna, Italy: Bologna/Borgo Panigale
BOD:   Bordeaux, France: Bordeaux/Merignac
BTS:   Bratislava, Slovakia: Ivanka
BRE:   Bremen, Germany: Bremen Airport
BRS:   Bristol, United Kingdom: Bristol/Lulsgate
BRU:   Brussels, Belgium: Brussels National
BBU:   Bucharest, Romania: Baneasa
OTP:   Bucharest, Romania: Otopeni
BUD:   Budapest, Hungary: Hung Ferihegy
CAG:   Cagliari, Italy: Cagliari/Elmas
CWL:   Cardiff, United Kingdom: Cardiff Airport
CTA:   Catania, Italy: Catania/Sigonella
CRL:   Charleroi, Belgium: Gosselies
CPH:   Copenhagen, Denmark: Copenhagen
ORK:   Cork, Ireland: Cork Airport
DTM:   Dortmund, Germany: Dortmund
DRS:   Dresden, Germany: Dresden Airport
DUB:   Dublin, Ireland: Dublin Airport
DUS:   Dusseldorf, Germany: Dusseldorf Airport
EMA:   East Midlands, United Kingdom: East Midlands Airport
EDI:   Edinburgh, United Kingdom: Edinburgh Airport
EVN:   Erevan, Armenia: Parakar
FAO:   Faro, Portugal: Faro Airport
FLR:   Florence, Italy: Firenze/Peretola
FRA:   Frankfurt, Germany: Frankfurt International
FUE:   Fuerteventura, Spain: Fuerteventura Airport
FNC:   Funchal, Portugal: Funchal Airport
GDN:   Gdansk, Poland: Gdansk Airport
GVA:   Geneva, Switzerland: Geneva/Cointrin
GRO:   Gerona, Spain: Gerona Costa Brava
GLA:   Glasgow, United Kingdom: Glasgow International
PIK:   Glasgow/Prestwick, United Kingdom: Prestwick
GOT:   Gothenburg, Sweden: Landvetter
GCI:   Guernsey, United Kingdom: Guernsey Airport
HHN:   Hahn, Germany: Hahn Airport
HAM:   Hamburg, Germany: Hamburg Airport
HAJ:   Hannover, Germany: Hannover Airport
HEL:   Helsinki, Finland: Helsinki Airport
HER:   Heraklion, Greece: Iraklion
IBZ:   Ibiza, Spain: Ibiza Airport
IOM:   Isle Of Man, United Kingdom: Isle Of Man/Ronaldsway
JER:   Jersey, United Kingdom: Jersey Airport
KGD:   Kaliningrad, Russia: Kaliningrad Airport
KTW:   Katowice, Poland: Katowice Airport
KBP:   Kiev, Ukraine: Borispol
CGN:   Koeln/Bonn, Germany: Koeln/Bonn
KRK:   Krakow, Poland: Balice
KRR:   Krasnodar, Russia: Krasnodar Airport
LPA:   Las Palmas, Spain: Gran Canaria
LBA:   Leeds/Bradford, United Kingdom: Leeds and Bradford
LEJ:   Leipzig, Germany: Leipzig Airport
LIS:   Lisbon, Portugal: Lisboa
LPL:   Liverpool, United Kingdom: Liverpool Airport
LJU:   Ljubljana, Slovenia: Ljubljana Airport
LCY:   London, United Kingdom: City
LGW:   London, United Kingdom: Gatwick
LHR:   London, United Kingdom: Heathrow
LTN:   London, United Kingdom: Luton
STN:   London, United Kingdom: Stansted
LUX:   Luxembourg, Luxembourg: Luxembourg Airport
LYS:   Lyon, France: Saint Exupery
MAD:   Madrid, Spain: Barajas
MAH:   Mahon, Spain: Menorca
AGP:   Malaga, Spain: Malaga Airport
MLA:   Malta Island, Malta: Marsaxlokk Sea Plane Base
MAN:   Manchester, United Kingdom: Manchester Airport
MRS:   Marseille, France: Marseille/Marignane
LIN:   Milan, Italy: Linate
MXP:   Milan, Italy: Malpensa
BGY:   Milan, Italy: Orio Al Serio
MCM:   Monte Carlo, Monaco: Monte Carlo Airport
DME:   Moscow, Russia: Domodedovo
SVO:   Moscow, Russia: Sheremetyevo
VKO:   Moscow, Russia: Vnukovo
FMO:   Muenster, Germany: Munster/Osnabruck
MUC:   Munich, Germany: Munchen
MJV:   Murcia, Spain: Murcia Airport
NTE:   Nantes, France: Nantes/Chateau Bougon
NAP:   Naples, Italy: Napoli/Capodichino
NCL:   Newcastle, United Kingdom: Newcastle Airport
NCE:   Nice, France: Nice/Cote D Azur
NUE:   Nuremberg, Germany: Nurnberg
OLB:   Olbia, Italy: Costa Smeralda
OSL:   Oslo, Norway: Oslo
TRF:   Oslo, Norway: Sandefjord
PMO:   Palermo, Italy: Palermo/Punta Raisi
PMI:   Palma Mallorca, Spain: Palma De Mallorca
CDG:   Paris, France: Charles De Gaulle
ORY:   Paris, France: Orly
PSA:   Pisa, Italy: Pisa/San Giusto
OPO:   Porto, Portugal: Porto Airport
PRG:   Prague, Czech Republic: Ruzyne
KEF:   Reykjavik, Iceland: Keflavik Nas
RHO:   Rhodes, Greece: Rodos
RIX:   Riga, Latvia: Riga Airport
CIA:   Rome, Italy: Ciampino
FCO:   Rome, Italy: Leonardo Da Vinci
ROV:   Rostov, Russia: Rostov Airport
KUF:   Samara, Russia: Kujbysev
SPC:   Santa Cruz De La Palma, Spain: La Palma
SVQ:   Seville, Spain: Seville Airport
SNN:   Shannon, Ireland: Shannon Airport
SIP:   Simferopol, Ukraine: Simferopol Airport
SOF:   Sofia, Bulgaria: Sofia International
SOU:   Southampton, United Kingdom: Eastleigh
LED:   St. Petersburg, Russia: Pulkovo
SVG:   Stavanger, Norway: Sola
ARN:   Stockholm, Sweden: Arlanda
BMA:   Stockholm, Sweden: Bromma
SXB:   Strasbourg, France: Strasbourg/Entzheim
STR:   Stuttgart, Germany: Stuttgart Airport
TLL:   Tallinn, Estonia: Ulemiste
TFS:   Tenerife, Spain: Reina Sofia Tenerife/Sur
TFN:   Tenerife, Spain: Tenerife Airport
SKG:   Thessaloniki, Greece: Thessaloniki Airport
TSR:   Timisoara, Romania: Timisoara Airport
TIA:   Tirana, Albania: Tirana Airport
TLS:   Toulouse, France: Blagnac
TOS:   Tromso, Norway: Langnes
TRD:   Trondheim, Norway: Vaernes
TRN:   Turin, Italy: Torino/Caselle
VLC:   Valencia, Spain: Valencia Airport
VCE:   Venice, Italy: Marco Polo
VRN:   Verona, Italy: Verona Airport
VIE:   Vienna, Austria: Wien/Schwechat
VNO:   Vilnius, Lithuania: Vilnius Airport
WAW:   Warsaw, Poland: Pol Okecie
WRO:   Wroclaw, Poland: Wroclaw Airport
ZAG:   Zagreb, Croatia: Zagreb Airport
ZRH:   Zurich, Switzerland: Zurich Airport


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